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An Interview with Satinsbookishcorner... Enjoy xD Want to know anything else? all you have to do is ask xD

This is the interview below, check out Susie and her blog to read some of her reviews, she is a gem.

Well Lee I'd like to start off saying thank you for taking the time to chat with little old me, I feel so special being the first to interview you. Now for anyone out there who doesn't 
know who you are, could you tell us a little bit about your self..? 

LEE - Sure, well... I am a new author, I have my first book Bound coming out this Fall and hopefully it will go down a treat! I am a father of three, and happily married. I love to read, write, watch movies, and draw. I love reading books on old folklore and mythology. I wish I could say that I have a particular genre that I always watch and stick to with movies and books but honestly as much as I will complain I can delve into Jane Eyre and John tucker must die. as long as there is a part that makes me laugh then its good to see or read. word of advice though, my wife once picked a film for us to watch on a weekend and I think it was called house of echo's she thought it would be scary... it was bad. I still want those eighty minutes back and that was five years ago! Sorry, I am mumbling... onto question two!

SATIN-  Hehehehe  to funny I ramble as well. Ok back to the questions.  Now then, what was the spark behind this book. What inspired you into writing this great peace of work. 

LEE- For me it was a series of different factors all coming to a point, I like to joke and say that my wife got fed up of me bellyaching over a book or movie that I had read and didn't particularly like the ending or predicting a plot point before it came up. So she told me to "Stop moaning and put your money where your mouth is." Which is true but at the time I was thinking about writing one of my best friends was in an accident and unfortunately passed away and we had always talked about things we wanted to do and one of mine was to work from home doing something that I love. okay so as a kid at the time it would probably have been video games but it made me realize. Life can be too short, why miss out. And so I started writing about things that I love and that interest me and found myself getting more immersed in my universe. 

SATIN -  Lee i think more people should take that advise.  Ok next question, What was your favourite part of this book, and did you find any of it really hard to write.

LEE - I am sure if you ask most authors they all say all of it... or certain points that they took great pleasure in writing... but to be honest I enjoyed putting every word onto paper... then when I went back and roughly edited it so it made sense then the rest all came down to a dollop of Spackle and voilla! I really enjoyed writing some of the dialogue sequences between my characters I wanted each of them to leave an impression. I am totally talking off topic aren't I? Okay, so.. one of my favorite parts would probably be where my main protagonist has a gun pointed at his head and for some reason the voices in my head gave me an awesome idea! I can't tell you though... which sucks... I guess your going to have to read it to see what I am on about! 

SATIN- OMG Lee you didnt just leave me with that little teaser when its such a long way off for your realise you suck lmao.  Ok  moving on ,  Can you tell me where this book is going. Do you have a set amount of books for this series, or are you just going to see where it ends up.

LEE-  Well its book one in my Unleashed series... I am currently writing book two along with a few shorts, I have a book where I write all potential plots and as long as I keep filling that up I am pretty happy to keep populating my "Unleashed" universe. And if people enjoy reading Bound as much as I did writing it then that is freaking awesome

SATIN- Well im really looking forward to reading it. Ok from speaking to some of my other author friends, i know some of them have a routine when they are writing. do you have a routine and can you tell us what it is

LEE- Routine? Um... Yeah... I like to dance around a fire in the moonlight completely... To be honest my routines differ. Some days it would consist of a copious amount of caffeine loud music blaring in my headphones, others I will listen to some music before writing... But a large part of the time I will wait until my wonderful children are tucked away snuggly in their beds then I will sit down with a coffee and just bask in silence... less I would if my mewling cat or insanely affectionate dog would let me before they get fussed enough so they can sleep.

SATIN-  wow your house sounds like my house lol. when writing your books, what normally comes first, The characters or the idea of the novel.

LEE- For me it was the idea of wanting to write... Then when I read what I had initially written or jotted down I would get a better idea, least I did to begin with, for me the hard part was generating the universe for my characters to populate, I wanted it to feel fresh, a concept for the genre that is not always guaranteed! 

SATIN -Yep its a tough job i dont know how you do it, now then my followers know i like to ask a random question, But for you, you lucky guy , you get two. lol..  

a, If you could take anyone out for a meal (dead or alive) who would it be and why

LEE -  This is going to sound odd... but it would probably be either Nathan Fillion or Burnie Burns, they both appear to have a wicked sense of humor and would make awesome drinking buddies... Nathan is currently starring in the series Castle, and Burnie is the founder of RoosterTeeth.

I wish I could say something juicier but being a happily married man who doesn't want his wife to make him sleep on the couch there will be no dinner with a talented lady. *whispers: Emma Stone*
B- Ok we wont let her read that bit lol, or maybe this bit either lol..I've always wanted to ask a male author this, all the girls who follow me and most of the female authors have a favorite book guy, so do you have a favorite book girl, weather its out of your book or someone elses.

LEE- Wow that's tough! I might have to say Cat Crawford from the Night huntress series written by Jeaniene Frost. I have a thing for fiery redheads. 

 SATIN-  Wow good answers, im impressed.lastly have you got any thing else you would like to add for my followers.

LEE- Well sure, thanks for reading this interview, I am really sorry that I couldn't say more about Bound, I have a few blurbs and trailers in production for it and I hope to chat to you all real soon! You can find me on facebook, my blog that I have just started and my website 

And of course a huge thanks to Susie, you are amazing
SATIN-  Ahhh thank you Lee, and thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Ihope when your book is out you will drop by and let us know. because some of us *cough, ME, cough*  cant wait to read it.

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