Saturday, 17 September 2011

Interview by the Bookaholics book club, about Bound. And a little about me.

First of all,what is the inspiration behind "Bound"?
Several events happened in my life that made me feel like I was inspired to write. One of them was my wife, she had gotten sick and tired of hearing my bellyaching over plots that I did not agree with, so… she said if I thought that I could do any better that I should write, and so I did. Making her my critic and inspiration. But as I said, that is only part of the reason.

-Who is your favourite character in the story?
For me, my favorite character to write was probably Tessa, she was feisty, peculiar, she only ever really showed one emotion and that was anger, at least until she began to sense others. I enjoyed writing for a female character who took no BS. Who was strong, and defiant, and yet loyal and timid. I am still enjoying developing her attitude, deciding on what she can, and cannot do, and I love that I can continue to do so. I feel that week feminine characters are really over done, and not honest. And so thought… why not have an almost neurotic no BS lady, who can crack the proverbial whip, and yet still keep her femininity. 

-How was the experience of writing for a YA audience?
Not too difficult, seeing as I am at least according to my wife and parents a young adult. I had the help of my niece and one of her school friends who fit into the YA bracket, they proof read my novel before it was released, (in between studying of course) and I listened to their feedback with open ears. Then looked at any parts, I thought may need to change, and did so! They are both looking forward to book two I might add! 

-Do you write to a soundtrack?
I used to listen to music that I listened to when I was at school, remembering the emotions that I felt, and how silly I looked at the time. But eventually as I got deeper into writing Bound, I began to find myself distracted with the lyrics… So from then on I began to write in solitude, as soon as my wife and children were tucked into bed going to sleep I would stay up till the wee hours writing with only the sound of my fidgeting dog and mewling cat to distract me. 

-Do you have any funny/interesting anedocts from when you were writing "Bound"?Well… the only thing that comes to mind is that once or twice my cat scared me. It turns out that at two or three o’clock in the morning, my cat mewls… but it sounds like a tropical bird… It was a bit unexpected… oh, and a few times, when my cat was performing his all too smug tight rope walking techniques he would misjudge a gap and knock a few pictures down or my cup of coffee… My dog bless her was well behaved and just as startled as I was often waking up barking to the sound of a loud bang… only making things worse…

-What is your favourite thing about being a writer and what is your least favourite?My favorite thing about being a writer is the luxury of knowing that the only thing that can limit your abilities is your imagination, you can learn whatever you need to by reading… something you love… and practicing by writing… something else you love… what I don’t like… well waking the kids up at three o’clock in the morning because the cat frightened the dog and I.

-What would you like people to say about "Bound"? 
That they wished my characters were real.

-Why would you recommend "Bound" to our Club members?Bound is a urban fantasy that I began to write after feeling inspired from dear friends of mine and loved ones, it brings me happiness writing about the characters and their journeys, they make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me tense, they make me feel empowered… they make me whole… So why not see if I can share my joy with everyone?!

-And last but not least,are you a Bookaholic?
Hmmm…. Apparently the first step in the road of recovery is to admit you have a problem… attending a BA meeting, and standing up in a room full of people, and saying: “Hi, my name is Lee, and I am a Bookaholic.” I won’t do that... I love to read, I love to write I am a Bookaholic and proud!
So to answer your question: Yes. Yes I am! Lol.

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